/Basic Bread-Workshop

Basic Bread-Workshop

Basics, about  3 hours  (p.p € 45) 
The basic techniques of bread are briefly discussed in these baking lesson. You get tips and a recipe to continue at home. The workshop is suitable for beginners but also for people who bake at home and look for more solid understanding of the process. During this mini course we combine “scientific” tips and tap into how dough feels. Smell, taste, feel and experience the bread making process. One can not learn all in a short course, however you will get enough information and experience to bake good bread at home!

Yes, you take home your self made bread. Coffee, tea and something small to taste is included.

Sourdough, extended workshop, about 4 hours (p.p. € 65,-)
In this more extensive workshop we will discuss the use of sourdough (natural fermentation). A meal is also included.

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