//Canelé small

Canelé small


Canelés are little French pastries with vanilla and a hint of rum.

We only bake canelé on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pre-ordering for the next day is possible until 16:30. Pick up is available from 10:30 until 17:00.


The canelé originates from Bordeaux in the 18th century. Wine makers used egg whites to clarify the wine, and gave the leftover egg yolks to nuns. With the addition of some other ingredients, nuns used the egg yolks to make canelé for poor children.

At Baking Lab, we found our own solution for making use of both the egg yolk and egg white. The yolks are used in our canelé, the whites in our crispy almond cookies.

Allergens: milk, eggs, gluten


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