//‘Oro del Desierto’ Organic olive oil

‘Oro del Desierto’ Organic olive oil


Organic extra virgin olive oil from Oro del Desierto.

The olive oil is cold extracted from very early harvested olives, giving it its delicious, grassy flavour.

Oro del Desierto is a small family business in Tabernas. The farm is completely organic and environment friendly. Their olive oil is from high quality: every year they receive many awards for their olive oil.


All the residual material of the process of obtaining the olive oil, is reused and integrated on the production cycle as by-products. The pits of the olives are used as biomass for combustion in the mill itself to obtain heating for the whole facilities. The pulp, once dried, is used as part of sheep and goat’s feed and partly for its composting and production of natural fertilizer that is used on the estates once it’s mature.


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