Food for thought

Dit is was we ondertussen aan wijsheden bij elkaar hebben gevist.


  • Something is cooking above 0 kelvin
    [There is enough heat left in your fridge to cook, even when we say its cold. Check also the story about our logo]
  • Please bakers, remember temperature, heat and heat capacity might all be dancing on the same floor, but they are “wearing different cloth”.[artisan crusty breads lean on understanding the difference between temperature and heat capacity, its good to understand the difference]
  • Understanding bread? Start with understanding the properties of water
    [heat, heat absorption, the magic properties of water, fermentation and life… its part of the magic of making bread, read more about it in the story of our logo]
  • Why are enzymes so big?
    [check the story of our logo]
  • Temperature is a non lineair concept and so is life and that’s one of the reasons making bread can be fascinating, [ Life is intimately related to the form of  the Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution, see the story of our logo]


  • The colder the climate the higher the bread.
    [Cultures in warm climates tend to lean on flat breads., while cultures in colder climates tend to display a wider variety of breads that seem to be also higher, more proofed… any idea why? Subscribe to one of our workshops to discuss bread patterns, history and philosophy….]
  • The lower the wheat grass the higher the bread
    [human intervention and plant breeding produced lower wheat species with more gluten promoting stronger doughs that allow higher /bigger breads to be baled. In our Bakery Lab the evolution from ancient wheat species to modern wheat is displayed and explained.]
  • Is een gepassioneerde golfsurfer potentieel ook een gepassioneerde broodbaker, is er sprake van een bepaalde analogie? [ Analogy is the “motor of the car of thought” and “the interstate freeway of cognition,” Douglas Hofstadter]


  • Your forefathers were top athletes
    [There is too much talk about health and food in western society; it can be simple, start moving, moderate your food intake, make sure you consume varied and balanced foods into your life. Learn more about the similarities between balance and baking bread in one of our workshops]
  • Making bread and architecture have like friends something in common.
    [kneading, shaping, creating and stimulating our senses are make good friends with the hungry human mind]
  • [Dutch] Ontdek je plekje met graan
    [ in kleine graankorrels zitten veel plekjes verscholen]
  • From wheat to meat
    [ there is an interesting almost mystical relationship between wheat and meat, occasionally addressed  our workshops]
  • Niet alleen liefde gaat door de maag

Artisan work

  • The less recipes the better the cookbook.
    [It’s better to understand how cooking works instead of just executing recipes]
  • Making bread is not a piece of cake
    [There is lot’s of complexity hidden in simple bread recipes]
  • Artisanal baking requires you to use  your – common – sense.
    [There is just too much work and logistics involved in artisanal baking, forcing the workforce to be smart in order to survive…]
  • Aan de kassa kun je zoveel meer uitwisselen dan alleen maar geld
    [Zodra je iets zelf creëert en met je handen werkt komen de verhalen en verbindingen vanzelf
  • At the cash desk one can exchange so much more than just money
    [As soon as you start creating and work with your hands, the stories and relations with others emerge naturally].
  • Blow it up before it’s too late [The Gluten and starch membrane stiffens at high temperatures, A good oven springs blows the bread up before it gets rigid]
  • Mr. or Mr.s life is an expert “rope balancing”. [When you work with living organisms, like fermenting culture, it’s handy to appreciate the delicate balance “rope balancing” key to the concept of life.]
  • Don’t forget one key ingredient while cooking: your creativity!
  • Link the word personality to dough, and suddenly many things in baking seem to make sense. [The personality of dough is depended on many factors, important ones are temperature, percentage of water and the chemical proprietaries of the wheat flower, note that different personalities require different artisanal techniques.]
  • Baking Lab: met je handen het verleden voelen en met je hoofd een verbinding leggen naar de toekomst


  • [Dutch] Bij Baking Lab smaakt gebakken lucht nog ergens naar
    [Tegenwoordig lijkt alles om marketing te draaien, ook wij produceren lucht in Baking Lab, maar bij ons ruikt deze tenminste nog ergens naar 😉 ]
  • The story is often stronger than the – sourdough – starter
    [There are so many stories and claims about sourdough starters, some are just too good to be true]
  • De wereld is vol met groene slogans, nu tijd voor meer betekenis.