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Wheat Clock

Cooking and baking is about transforming food and in our bakery we use ovens to investigate these changes. One day the idea arose to put the peel of an orange (residual product from our cafe) in the oven and see what happens. We thought to reuse the scent of the orange peel in a playful way and lead it to our scent pole, which is outside on our terrace and is connected via a pipe to our ovens.

The orange peel turned beautiful black (charred). Now, the residual heat from our bakery is also used to heat up our compost in our garden. This compost initially went into leftover jam jars in which a wheat grain was able to germinate. We gave these “compost jars” as a gift to children during our circular workshops. Not much later we realised that the charred orange peel was a nicer container for our compost and the wheat grain, and so the wheat clock was born, waste transformed into meaning!

Wheat clock = Time & Intention
Germination requires time and care. Our wheat clock is a way to organically package an intention and time into a gift. E.g. the wheat clock can be used to make a follow-up appointment that takes place when the grain has germinated or when the grain has reached a certain height. You can give the wheat clock to someone as a gift and schedule an appointment to do something nice together in the future, when the wheat has reached a certain hight……..