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Important update: Unfortunately, we will not be hosting any workshops in our bakery during the lockdown of 14 December – 17 Januari.

We will only teach online for this period.

If you have a gift voucher, mail it to us including the date you want to attend the class (workshop@bakinglab.nl).

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Event Venue Date
Private: Virtual interactive Q&A about bread Virtual: Baking Lab Q&A 15 dec
  • April 14, 2021 17:30

Yes, the workshops are also in English, depending on the attendees.

Workshops are available on different dates. Click on the workshop title for more information, or check our workshop calendar.  Since we receive people from other countries, our workshops are mainly in English.

Not sure which workshop would be best for you? have a look at the table below.

Just beginning or have you never baked before? Do you want to learn the basics of shaping, baking and yeast dough making?Basic Bread Workshop
Are you familiar with yeast doughs or have you worked with sourdough before? Do you want to learn more about the processes behind (sourdough) baking and practice the different steps to making bread?Sourdough for Beginners
Do you bake regularly but experience recurring patterns like a flat structure or too much acidity and are left with questions as to why this happens?Online Q&A

While we regularly have workshops open for registration,  we also take now and then a break. If the workshop calendar is empty, a new series of workshops needs to be scheduled. We send updates about new workshops via our mailing list, see below.

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Some workshops include food. Our menu in that case is either vegetarian or vegan.

The circular bakery
We also show ways to prevent food waste by reusing stale bread as a natural bread improver. Read for example (Dutch) : “Afval is voor mij een term voor gebrek aan creativiteit“ or read more about what we do.... Our method of making bread has been selected as one of the best practice examples by the Dutch Circular Platform!

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