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View the current list of workshop and events here, or check more workshops in our calendar. No suitable date? Sign up for our workshop mailinglist and stay up-to-date about new programs. You can join a course as a individual, or book it as a group. Our sourdough workshop is often booked for team buildings.

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Experience & Learn
We offer different courses: for beginners, advanced, children and adults. We also develop tailor-made programs and provide team building activities (often workshop option 2)  that can be combined with a lunch or dinner. We also started to give private courses. We often blend academic knowledge into our programs and provide a playful environment to learn and experience, read also more about us in an interview (educational journeys).

Our basic bread courses
We discuss bread making, artisanal techniques, the mixing, the fermentation and shaping of the dough. The different types of flour and their baking properties are discussed. How do ancient grains relate to modern wheat and what effect does fermentation have on food and bread? What makes fermenting food so different from cooked food? We address the importance of the bread oven and how the crust is formed. We focus on the role of water, the magical molecule that astronomers sometimes search for. Why? via bread and science we try to connect the dots, to bridge between what is visible and invisible between the past and present.

Special workshops & events
Making bread is our departure point. We do more. We collaborate with partners and organize special workshops, pop-up events and educational programs. These include, for example workshops about, food pairing, braided challe loaves and programs about food & culture, or food, health and sustainability programs. In our circular bakery we offer educational programs for children, allowing them to experience and learn more about the meaning of sustainability. Click here for more information about these  events. Do you have an idea for a program or pop-up event? Please contact us to learn if we can collaborate.

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