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Terms & Conditions

January March 2020


General activities include:

  • Preparing dough, kneading dough and baking bread
  • Producing products independently
  • Milling grains and nuts
  • Oil pressing
  • Lab experiments
  • Making food the bakery
  • Participate in workshops, courses, hackathon or other educational and social activities.
  • Online and virtual events

Quotations & Customisation (Baking Lab):

  • A quote from Baking Lab is without obligation, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The payment conditions for an approved offer are stated in the offer.
  • If the invoice has not been paid after the payment term and subsequent payment reminder has been exceeded, the amount will be increased by the statutory interest.
  • Payment is made in advance by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Registration for an activity is only final if the registration has been confirmed by us in writing or by e-mail and the payment has been made in advance.
  • Published prices for activities include VAT for private individuals and exclude VAT for companies.

Events & Pop-ups  (External Partners):

  • Our venue can be used by external partners to host events, such as pop-up dinners.  Baking Lab might provide services to handle the – on-line – ticketing for these events.  
  • The external partners is however liable for the event itself, including the events cancelation policies, terms of service, etc.

Surcharges (Baking Lab):

  • Extra costs for consumptions during events are specified in the invoice which Baking Lab will communicate in advance.
  • Our events and workshops have a specific duration. The client may wish to extend the duration of the event. The costs for extending an event or workshop, unless otherwise agreed in writing amounts to at least €135 per hour (ex. 21% VAT). Note that it is not always possible to extend an event.

Cancellation costs (Baking Lab):

  • Read more here about the cancellation conditions for individually booked workshops.
  • Events, team buildings and courses have to be prepared in advance. Canceling these projects involves costs from our side. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the client, following a booking for a team building, event and other group bookings, the following standard cancellation costs apply. With a cancellation 30 days or more before the event, the cancellation costs amount to 25% of the order sum. The cancellation costs for cancellations between 14 and 30 days before the event amount to 50% of the order sum. The cancellation costs for a cancellation between 7 and 14 days before the event amount to 70% of the order sum. The cancellation costs for a 7-day cancellation, or a no-show, for the event amount to 100% of the order sum.

Vouchers, gift cards and tickets (Baking Lab):

  • The prices of workshops change, depending on the price, a previously purchased voucher can be exchanged directly for a worksop ticket or offer a discount on a workshop ticket.
  • Vouchers or gift vouchers are valid for 1 year after purchase.
  • We don’t refund unused vouchers / gift cards 
  • Tickets for workshops and events are only valid if the corresponding reimbursement has been transferred to Baking Lab.

Force majeure (Baking Lab) :

  • Baking Lab reserves the right to cancel an activity in the event of force majeure. Baking Lab is not liable for the consequences of this cancellation.
  • In case of a cancellation of an activity by Baking Lab, the customer will receive a full refund of the already paid booking amount.
  • When a cancellation of an activity is due to a third party or event which we do not have control over, Baking Lab will offer the customer an alternative activity on a different date which will be  subjected to a different refund policy. Read further.

Liability (Baking Lab):

  • Baking Lab is not liable for any form of physical or other injury resulting from participation in an activity.
  • Baking Lab is not liable for damage, loss or theft to property of participants such as jackets, bags and other personal property.

General house rules:

  • Participants in activities are expected to keep the workspace tidy and to comply with all current safety and handling standards.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the building and garden.

Registration and use of visual material:

  • Sometimes photo and video recordings of our activities are made and posted on our website and social media channels. If the participant does not give permission for the use of this material, we will remove it after the objection.

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