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Baking School

Extend your knowledge, build experience and tap into your creativity

You are in transit. Perhaps you want to learn more about the magic of baking and balance your office work in that way, or do some soul searching? Occasionally we offer also a long term – private – course that leans on the – scientific – knowledge and experience we have obtained in the bakery.

Baking bread at home versus a bakery?

There is a difference between preparing one loaf, or a batch of 50 loaves with a consistent quality. You will learn how to prepare and design the baking processes during our more extensive training program.

Our program involves theoretical and practical components to help you obtain the necessary knowledge and experience to bake independently and eventually maybe even run a small artisanal bakery and cafe yourself.

The emphasis of our learning method is on creativity and scientific knowledge to help our students to better understand and control the process of artisanal bread process.

Course components:

  • Raw ingredients
  • Fermentation & biochemistry
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Scientific concepts
  • General techniques in the bakery, ovens
  • Gain experience and develop feeling for the baking process
  • Teaching and adjusting processes,
  • Independently develop recipes
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship