/Register for Workshops & Events via our Calendar

Register for Workshops & Events via our Calendar

Register for a course or event below. We regularly program new workshops, but sometimes also take a break. No suitable date? You can also sign up for the workshop mailing list or follow us on instagram to get notifications. Yes, the workshops are in English. The workshops take place in our bakery during the day and in the evening, unless it is indicated that it concerns an online course.

Update: We will plan new and more advanced -sourdough – workshops, soon. Gives us a bit more time.

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Dealing with corona ?
It is a challenging time, also for giving bread courses. When booking a workshop, please keep in mind the possibility that you will have to cancel at the last minute due to COVID. In that case, we cannot rebook or refund your ticket, but as an exception we can offer a 50% discount for a new booking at a later date.

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