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= Health <> Sustainability?

Nutrition, health and sustainability are important subjects. In our LAB we try to connect these topics by using our scientific knowledge and creative drive. The knowledge we acquire through out the process is applied in our general courses and custom programs.

We transform left overs from the kitchen into new flavour, not because we need too, but because it’s nice to turn things that are normally wasted into meaningful valuable products. There is room in our Lab to experiment with circular food ideas. Residual heat from our ovens is for example used to warm up our compost bin and also for generating pleasant scents, which can be smelled in our famous scent pole outside the bakery. Fibers from our juicer find their way into breads, cakes and other dishes we make, promoting healthier food that helps train the gut. We also explore traditional and new ways to reuse old bread and croissants.

In our bakery and during workshops we use old bread as an ingredient to make better bread and prevent further food waste. Our method of making bread has been selected as one of the best practice examples by the Dutch Circular Platform!

This way young students working at Baking Lab Amsterdam also become circular tastemakers who will share their knowledge via workshops and other educational programs. Read  more ( Dutch) “Afval is voor mij een term voor gebrek aan creativiteit“.

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