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Our method of making bread has been selected as one of the best practice examples by the Dutch Circular Platform!

In the good old days, before the large scale food industry became so dominant, bakers probably needed to experiment more, simply because raw materials were scarce and their quality more variable than today. A good craftsman mastering the artisanal process required good understanding and experience to deal with such varying conditions.

However, modern bakeries focus on scalability, efficiency and profit margins. Experiments and the development of new products do not fit well into this model. Bakers who used to be inventive craftsman have now become dependent on the knowledge of their raw material suppliers. This convenience and the necessity to scale up caused many bakers to loose their baking story.

Trends change and now more and more small bakeries search again for an original story. At Baking Lab Amsterdam we investigate new ways to experiment and develop our own products, and this mission is also reflected in the way our bakery and café have been designed.

While designing the bakery we tried to bridge between the past and the future. Together with Kasper and Leon we made a hand powered kitchen elevator, which connects the bakery with the upper cafe floor. We made a proofing chamber from glass, allowing  our customers to see the breads rising. We build a special bread loading system to facilitate the transfer of breads into our stone ovens and freshly baked breads can be smelled via a special smell pole we designed. The residual heat from our bakery is used to warm up our compost bin and small greenhouse. During workshops people can power a grain miller by bike and experience how much energy this requires. Dimitris and Thedoris helped us develop a number of IT systems.