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Our food LAB is involved in a variety of projects. A short impression. Our circular method of making bread is selected as a best practice by the Dutch Circular Platform! Read how our informal science communication unfolds on a roof top in Amsterdam, or how the maxwell boltzmann distribution made its way into our logo. Learn more about the way we blend gamification principles to promote the co-creation of food projects, for example during an event with the Italian University of Gastronomic Sciences. We collaborate with other organisation, for example with Micropia to research our sourdough. Why do we all this? Read more about our social mission, or check what others are saying about us in the media.  

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Sourdough artist impression

The art & science of sourdough fermentation

Comparison of sourdough starters stages


Sharing our sourdough starter

We shared our sourdough with the community since the start of our bakery and during the corona pandemic many more people came over to collect the natural leaving culture to bake at home. Recipients of our sourdough are now requested to share their location so we can visualise its distribution.