take away

Our cafe is closed but we are still open for take-away!

  • Breads
  • Baked goods: croissants, pies and more…
  • Coffee, tea, juices and home-brewed water kefir
  • Breakfast & Lunch (see menu below)


Yoghurt €6,00
With fruit and homemade granola
Croissant €1,50
Croissant de Luxe €3,00
With homemade lemon curd or jam
Bread with cheese €4,00
With homemade pickles
Bread with jam €3,50


Hummus €6,00
Comes with aubergine special
Labneh €5,50
Soft yoghurt cheese
Baba ganoush €6,00
With tahini
+ Bread €1,75

Tosti goat cheese €4,00 (+kimchi €0,75)
Tosti cow’s cheese €4,00 (+kimchi €0,75)