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Our Lab team

The simplicity of bread making involves complex biological, chemical and physical processes. Making bread is not difficult, but neither is it a piece of cake. In recent decades a lot of scientific effort has been invested in understanding the various processes underlying the bread making process. In our LAB these findings are explained through workshops and educational programs to a general audience. Students from different universities who work in our LAB contribute in an original way to the socially relevant themes nutrition, health and sustainability.

Elise de Jong (UvA, Future Planet Studies)
Sarah Veldman (Wageningen Universiteit, levensmiddelentechnologie)
Emily IJzerman (UvA, Media)
Julée Al-Bayaty de Ridder (UVA, AUC)
Ashraf Mubuuke (Havo student)
Eva Wijma (UVA, Biomedical Sciences)
Yassine Ejdaa (UvA, Future Planet Studies)
Renee Clausing (Uva, Neurobiology)
Pepijn Korfage (Toneelschool Amsterdam)
Hanne van Beuningen (Uva, future Planet Studies)
Floor Custers (UvA, Filosofie)
Mayke Daniels  (Uva, Filosofie)
Phoebe Pryor (Kunstenaar)
Julie Divakova ( UvA, Filosofie)
Merel Hooger (VU, Environmental Resource Management)
Charlotte Allen (Designer)
Julie Anne ( University of Ottawa, Marketing)
Janine Plaisier (UvA, psycholoog, onderzoeker, taarten en advies)
Jechiam Gural (Initiatiefnemer Baking Lab, UvA, biologie)