[3] Special Lab Workshop
About nutrition, sustainability and the state of our planet

Food for thought. Our food influences the way we think. Nutrition has impact on our choices and the state of our planet. So does your gut hold the future?

In this playful LAB workshop we will examine the proposition above and try to find a correlation between the way we eat and the state of our planet. The proposition is our starting point, not necessarily (un)true. Whole wheat bread sounds healthy, but what do fibers in whole wheat bread actually do in your intestines? And is a delicious avocado toast full of good fats actually a good “green” alternative to a hamburger sandwich? We are foremost an experimental bakery, so during the workshop you will certainly learn also something about baking bread! We will dine together and you will make a surprise contribution during the workshop and also enjoy the food cooked by the chef of the evening. The workshop hosts are Sarah Veldman (Wageningen University, Master of Food Technology, Food Digestion and Health) and Elise de Jong (UvA, Biology & Future Planet Studies). Besides having fun you should learn something new about nutrition and the state of our planet, hopefully allowing you to make more ‘conscious’ – food – choices in the future.

Target audience:
General public and people interested in food. Also suitable for
food professionals looking for inspiration and green thinkers.

To experience
Making bread
LAB: design a surprise food dish
Circular processes & food

To learn
Blended learning targeting nutrition, health and sustainability

Dinner and animated discussion about the theme of the evening

Special workshops


Event Venue Date
Special: Focaccia, Edible Flowers & Herbs Workshop August Baking Lab Amsterdam
  • August 8, 2024 17:30
Special: Middle Eastern Bread Workshop August Baking Lab Amsterdam
  • August 15, 2024 17:30
Sold Out
Informal: The Circular Bakery & Pulp Fiction Experiments (Lunch Included) August Baking Lab Amsterdam
  • August 29, 2024 13:30

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