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Gamification & Co-Creation

I Co-creation, E-learning

We use the QandR application to support our workshops and co-creation sessions. The application suits the modern way people communicate and the possibilities that mobile phones have to offer. Our participants become more actively involved in the group sessions and the their reactions are often more intuitive, resulting in more interesting discussions and sometimes unexpected insights. 

Feedback is easily captured using the mobile phone and the collective results are immediately visible for the group on a large screen. The captured opinions and feedback of the group leads in some cases to unexpected new narratives. We work with mood boards, word clouds, propositions, quadrants and polls. The QandR tool is mainly used for market research. We use the tool to support projects about food & health, sustainability and social innovation. 

Read more about QandR, or watch the movie below.

II Education & communication

How should you share your entrepreneurial or artisan story in an effective way? A brochure, a website, social media perhaps? Artisan, food & health projects, or sustainability and social innovation projects have more to offer than a few slogans, a glossy photo or a post on Instagram!

These projects deserve a more meaningful way to tell the story. We help develop playful ways to engage and teach such audiences, instead of just broadcasting information. To do so we use Mu-pop, an application that was originally developed for interactive museum exhibitions but is also relevant within an innovative retail context.

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