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In a playful way children learn about the meaning of food and bread. To do so we use the many elements and appliances in our bakery. Children can grind grain with a bike, bake, eat and serve food to their parents. The circular elements of the bakery are addressed and the children experience the meaning of sustainability in a playful way. At least one parent or supervisor must be present at the workshop. The price depends on the program and number of attendees.

Basic kids programme (about 1 to 1.5 hour)

  • Grind the grain with our bicycle
  • The difference between whole wheat and white flour
  • Dough experience
  • Bake pita and or pizza in a  bread stone oven
  • Operate dumbwaiter (rope)
  • Smell pole
  • “Circular surprise” to take home
  • Baking is science

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