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Breakfast & Lunch in our cafe

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Bakery Cafe
You can enjoy our homemade bread and cakes in combination with a good cup of coffee. With our freshly squeezed apple-carrot-ginger juice you can have a good start of the day. Our vegetarian menu includes different specials from from our stone ovens. We are vegan friendly.

Circular tastemakers
We transform left overs from the kitchen into new flavours and challenge the young students working at Baking Lab Amsterdam to become circular tastemakers. Not because we must, but because it’s fun to turn things that are normally wasted into valuable products. Residual heat from our ovens is used to warm up our compost bin and also for generating pleasant scents, which can be smelled in our famous scent pole outside the bakery. Fibers from our juicer find their way into breads, cakes and other dishes we make, promoting healthier food that helps train the gut.