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Gift voucher

You can use the gift voucher for any workshop or event on our website. The voucher will either cover the entire cost for the event or provide a discount during the checkout procedure. Workshops are in English, unless stated differently. 

The receiver of the voucher (discount code)  should check for available workshop dates and subsequently use the voucher code provided in the e-mail to register for the workshop, which is usually given in English. If you haven’t received a voucher, while successfully completing the order, you either had a typo ( in your e-mail) or the voucher got lost in your spam folder. Please check and contact us if necessary so we can check your purchase details in our system.

Good to know

  • Workshops are normally given in English
  • The price of workshops change and your voucher may be used as a  discount code or so called promotion for more expensive workshops.

Using the discount code
Read more about using the discount code.

Click on a link below to order a gift voucher.

Also nice to give as a present!