We are located at the Linnaeusstraat, in Amsterdam East, a district with many new trendy bars and restaurants. The Oosterpark as well as the Dappermarkt, sopping mall Oostpoort and the Tropenmuseum are within a short walking distance. The Hampshire House Hotel Amsterdam, formerly the Civic Hospital and district office is located next to us. Across the street you will find the new library. The nearby Oetewalerpad is named after the village Oetewaal (Houtewael), which was formerly located outside old Amsterdam. It now leads to the Muiderpoort train station. On this path you will find Lowie Copy, previously a synagogue. Our building has been in use as a flower shop, apparently since 1913. Watch a video about the history of the neighbourhood.

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The black cat is spotted in various places and in different cities and was also seen in Amsterdam East, in a tunnel near the Berlage bridge. One day the cat suddenly disappeared and people started putting notes on the street. “Where is the black cat”. Fortunately we could let them know that shortly after the cat was reported missing, we had found it in Baking Lab and it’s disappearance was just the beginning of a story about bread, baking science and much more……