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Social Responsibility & Purpose Economy

In 2017 we started Baking Lab to explore the ancient science of making bread. During this exploration we also wanted to discover how we could use the skills and creativity of young people in a meaningful way. Our aim was also to translate our intuitive senses into practical techniques to make tasteful products and reduce residual food waste.

A few years later our microbakery is running at full speed. Some of our team members are learning how to manage a circular bakeryOur procedure for the reuse of stale bread has been selected as best practice by a Dutch sustainability agency. The knowledge that our team has gained over the years is now shared with the public almost weekly during workshops and teambuildings and is now also used in research projects about nutrition and health.

At a time when life seems to be flashing by more and more often, we take the time to think about how to decouple success from the idea, perhaps the illusion, that it must always be accompanied by as large a scale as possible. We see how small-scale and the artisan craft that we bring back to the street contribute to our neighbourhood. Customers who come in are often amazed by the atmosphere and the design of our open bakery. Large number of people come into our store on a yearly basis, they often leave our bakery happier than when they came in, our way of creating-  micro- impact.

We want to grow, but without depleting our values and ensure we inspire our team members to create and innovate and gain more self-esteem and autonomy.


  • We organised numerous workshops and informal science education programs that inspired people to think about their food.
  • Our bakery serves the community, supports more social engagement and provides the ingredients for many home bakers in the area.
  • We provide a meaningful workplace for young people and students.
  • We have coached, motivated and helped both volunteers and interns to find their way in society.
  • Using common sense principles we demonstrate prevention of food waste. Our circulair bakery and cafe reuses old bread as a bread improver, a method selected as a best practice by the Dutch Platform for Circular Economy.