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Which workshop or Baking Lab experience should I attend?

During our workshops we focus in particular on the questions regarding how things take place rather than simply what takes place in the process of baking bread. This way we hope to provide you with the autonomy to adjust recipes and procedures for bread making to the circumstances with which you personally are baking. Workshops are in English, unless stated differently. 

Expect to get insight in the ways different materials and the ratios in which you bring them together influence the character of your dough and bread. Gain an understanding of how different circumstances of baking like temperature, influence the development of your dough and much more…

We occasionally have other and new programs in the workshop calendar, including the informal baking lab experience, in which you can work (and learn)  with us  during a regular baking day.

Workshops can also be booked with a gift voucher .
You can also buy our sourdough starter on-line.

Not sure which workshops to choose? Have a look at the table below.

Just beginning or no experience at all? Do you want to learn the basics of shaping, baking and dough making? Do you want to understand the basics of bread fermentation through sourdough and commercial yeast? This short introduction workshop is the right starting point for you. Start with Bread workshop for beginners (no prior experience necessary)
Are you curious about sourdough bread baking? This workshop doesn’t require prior experience, but is better suited to people who have baked a few breads already. The focus of this workshop will be on working with the senses to get a feel for the process. You will be learning about the basic principles of baking with natural sourdough fermentation. Sourdough bread for beginners (some experience is desirable)
Do you have some experience baking sourdough bread and taking care of a sourdough starter? Maybe you already attended one of our Basic Sourdough Workshop? Then our Intermediate Sourdough Workshop is for you. While our Basic Workshop focuses on the process of bread making, this workshop is all about gaining the knowledge and confidence to change that process. By playing around with time, temperature and hydration, we will see how we can tweak a recipe, and eventually create our own. Intermediate: Sourdough Workshop (prior experience required)
The workshop theme may vary. In general these SPECIAL workshop address specific questions from the attendees related to sourdough. We also have more time to explain important aspects of fermentation and the underlying science of fermentation, while enjoying our home made food. The workshops often incorporate an extra workshop theme or professional guest. Theme & SPECIAL Workshops (often prior experience is required)
Have you worked with sourdough before and do you want to learn more about the underlying principles to improve your control over the proces? Learn more about the science and how to use your senses to improve the sourdough fermentation process in this more advanced bread workshop. We tap deeper into the science of fermentation and the way our senses perceive fermentation flavours. We lean more on experiments during this workshop.  Understanding key concepts related to fermentation allow bakers to tweak recipes and methods and build a more meaningful and creative baking narrative.  Art and Science of Sourdough bread (prior sourdough  experience necessary, leans on  experiments , advanced class)
Perhaps the most interesting program we offer now. With no more than 2 participants who can co-work with us for an entire day in the bakery. This program gives you the feeling of of what happens in a small circular bakery. Although it is not a formal workshop, there is plenty of room for personal contact, asking questions and informal learning. Food and drinks are included in the price of this more personal experience. Baking Lab Experience