/Team building bread making

Team building bread making

Baking classes are a great way to bring people together and help them get to know each other better. It’s a social and inclusive activity suitable for all.

Our circular bakery in Amsterdam offers a special place for team buildings and team outings. You can experience the ancient tradition and science of making bread while enjoying comfort food and drinks. In addition, you will learn more about ways to reduce food waste and promote a more sustainable and healthier food system.

Our 2 standard options

  1. The sourdough workshop & team building includes food and wine and takes approx 3 hours, mostly early evening. 65 euro ex VAT p.p.
  2. The short basic bread workshop & team building takes approx. 2 hours and includes some snacks, 45 euro ex. VAT p.p.
  3. Standard up to 16 people. For larger groups we offer an alternative custom made program.

Video impression

During the workshop we demonstrate how you can reuse old bread as a bread improver. This method has been selected as one of the best practice examples by the Dutch organisation Netherland Circular.

Good to know

  • The extended sourdough team building workshop includes vegetarian or vegan food, as well as wine or other consumptions from our cafe. Our menu consists of Middle Eastern dishes. We also make pizzas during this team building activity.
  • The basic shorter team building workshop includes some tastings.
  • The basics of (sourdough) bread making is explained during the team building activity
  • Loafs baked during the workshop can be taken home afterwards.
  • The minimal costs for a team building of about 3 hours including food & drinks starts at 65 euro ex VAT p.p. with a minimum of 390 euro ex VAT per event (corresponding to 6 people).
  • The cost for a short team building of 2 hours starts at 45 euro ex VAT p.p with a minimum of 360 euro ex VAT per event (corresponding to 8 people).
  • More information about the workshops.

How to book a team building?

Circular Bakery

According to the Dutch nutrition center, between 106 and 147 kg per person of food per year is thrown away in the Netherlands. Bread scores high on the list of food waste. We demonstrate how stale bread can be reused as a bread improver during the workshop.