/Use Gift Voucher – Promotion Code

Use Gift Voucher – Promotion Code

Instruction how to use your voucher with promotion code.

Old Vouchers
If you have a voucher that was purchased before January 24, 2022, you can e-mail us the code on the voucher and indicate in which workshop you want to participate. Email: workshop@bakinglab.nl

New Vouchers
Since January 24, 2022, we offer the possibility to buy a ticket directly with vouchers on our website. This only works with the new discount codes we’re releasing, whose format is similar to 65-ABCDEF-2022 (contains two hyphens). Older vouchers still need to be emailed to us first.

With our new vouchers (promotion codes) you can only buy a ticket if the voucher amount is lower or equal to the order amount of the ticket(s) you buy. If have problems using the voucher, we can help you validate it for you. Email: workshop@bakinglab.nl

You can use the promotion code after selecting your ticket, filling the required fields and clicking Register Now. You will see the option Submit promotion code below the ticket amount.