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DIY: Baking Lab Bread Mix

The magic of making bread at home has been rediscovered by many during these coronial times, see also Parool newspaper April 2, 2020 (Dutch). Many citizens of Amsterdam are also trying to master the art of baking bread with a wild fermenting culture and some of them are using the Baking Lab sourdough starter. We wonder if baking sourdough bread at home is a good way to start Rewilding Spaceship Earth?

For those who find baking bread with a sourdough starter a bit too challenging we have prepared a special bread mix. This bread mix makes it easier to get acquainted with the art of baking bread at home.

Our bread mix is now available in our shop for € 2.5 or available for home delivery via the vegan table box.

Watch the instruction video and read the recipe!

Please reserve the bread mix in advance….