//Rewilding Spaceship Earth

Rewilding Spaceship Earth

This summer scientists from all over the world will gather in Amsterdam during the inVIVO 2020 planet conference to discuss ways to address climate change, biodiversity losses, and increasing population growth. Rebalancing the planet means rewilding the planet.

People, Place, Purpose, Planet are written in bold on the InVIVO website. Science in the realm of the bigger picture.

Could the making of artisan sourdough bread somehow add a meaningful element to the inVIVO narrative? After all, fermenting the dough with the aid of  “wild” micro-organisms, instead of a defined starter culture, is a kind of rewilding project in itself. To explore and support this rewilding challenge Prof. Remco Kort, member of the Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS) and co-organizer of the InVIVO 2020 conference offered us to investigate the microbial composition of our sourdough culture at several stages of the fermentation process using next generation DNA sequencing techniques.

We will publish more information about this unfolding rewilding story and share it within our sourdough baking classes.

Luuk van Ooijen, student at AIMMS (VU university) takes on December 11, 2019 samples of our sourdough developed at different water concentrations and temperatures. In the back the sourdough breads fermented with our starter culture.