All our – sourdough – breads are made from long fermented doughs. This way we unlock the flavours that are naturally present in the flour and the ones that are created by the microbes.

We prevent our breads from quickly drying out through a procedure whereby old bread is reused as an ingredient. This allows us to develop special – sourdough – breads and demonstrate relatively simple ways to combat food waste.  Our method of making bread has been selected as one of the best practice examples by the Dutch Circular Platform!

You can also follow one of our courses and learn to bake bread at home.

We sell a variety of breads and cakes and are constantly developing new ones. Some of our regulars are:

  • Boule – a french style bread baked straight on the stone. 50/50 whole grain and white wheat flour. Fermented with instant yeast and sourdough.
  • Batard – a grey bread with 12% rye, fermented with sourdough and baked on the stone
  • “Circulairtje” – 50/50 wholewheat, white flour. Fermented with yeast and a little sourdough. Rolled in seeds and baked in a tin. 
  • “Zware Jongen” – 100% whole grain, full of roasted seeds and grains. Fermented with sourdough and baked in a tin.

Other breads we sell are ones like 100% rye, baguettes and more… Come have a look at the bakery what we have.