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Gift Voucher: Workshop Specials & More Advanced Sourdough courses € 95


Using the voucher:
The receiver of the voucher can use the voucher code (promotion code) sent in the e-mail  to register for a workshop  No additional items are sent by post. You can also download, print or e-mail a general  card with your voucher present.

Gebruik van de voucher:
De ontvanger van deze cadeaubon kan de voucher-code (kortingscode) gebruiken om  een ticket te kopen op onze website. We sturen verder geen cadeaubon per post op of een andere bevestiging. Je kunt wel een algemene cadeaukaart downloaden en deze printen of e-mailen.



Learn more about the underlying science and how to use your senses to improve the sourdough fermentation process. In this more advanced bread workshop we tap deeper into the science of fermentation and the way our senses perceive fermentation flavours. Understanding key concepts related to fermentation allows bakers to tweak recipes and methods and build a more meaningful and creative baking narrative.This workshop is suitable for people who have experience baking sourdough bread and are interested in learning more about the underlying acidification principles.

Gift voucher discount value: € 95, –
Use the provided voucher code (promotion code) to purchase a workshop, which is usually given in English.
Download, print or e-mail a general card with you voucher present.

Cadeaubon € 95 –
Gebruik de verstrekte voucher-code (kortingscode)  bij het kopen van een workshop ticket. Workshops worden doorgaans in het Engels gegeven.  Print een cadeaukaart