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Informal: Rising Union, a workshop by Noelia Montalvo

Excuses, de kaartverkoop voor dit event is gesloten, omdat het event reeds verlopen is.
  •  mei 24, 2024
     17:30 - 19:00


Rising Union

Bread, a staple of European tables, has long been a symbol of unity and community. Before the European Union, our shared love for bread united us. Since the dawn of human history, bread has transformed our lives, leading us from nomadic lifestyles to settled communities. The invention of bread catalyzed the domestication of cereals and animals, fostering the growth of villages into cities. Bread has shaped our world and influenced our governing systems.

The Women’s March on Versailles on October 5, 1789, saw Parisian women and revolutionaries protest high bread prices by marching to the palace and compelling King Louis XVI to return to Paris. This event ended the king’s independence and shifted power to the common people, marking a defining moment in the French Revolution.

Today, our connection to bread has changed. Industrialized bread is common, and gluten intolerance is rising. The bread that once sustained us in dark times is now often undervalued. The pandemic, however, sparked a renewed interest in traditional bread-making.

Amsterdam boasts a rich bakery culture that prioritizes quality. Like the case of Baking Lab, a circular bakery, bread-making is elevated to an art of creativity. By revaluing and reusing what is often discarded, they give new meaning to the old. This philosophy can also apply to our democracy, adding value through repurposing and prompting discussions on the evolving nature of our “Union of Bread.”

Rising Union is a collaborative project exploring European identity through bread stories that connect us all. Facilitated by interdisciplinary artist Noelia Martín-Montalvo, this project is part of the initiative “Pop The Vote! Culture on the Ballot”. 

In this session will explore the intricate relationship between bread, society, and democracy through participatory storytelling. It presents a new approach to social gatherings about democracy, using spaces like bakeries to rethink the future of Europe.

Pop the Vote! Culture on the Ballot

“Pop the Vote! Culture on the Ballot” is an initiative led by Culture Action Europe and co-funded by the European Parliament in anticipation of the 2024 European elections. Building on the significant increase in voter turnout in 2019, this project aims to engage younger generations in politics. By targeting 43 young artists across 14 European countries, it seeks to mobilize communities through art and culture, enhancing political participation. Go visit the European Parliament’s new platform, together.eu , where individuals can find information about the European elections and cultural events in their regions.

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