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Informal: The Circular Bakery & Pulp Fiction Experiments (Lunch Included)

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Ticket June 27 - 13:30 - 16:30 €85,00 EUR  

  •  juni 27, 2024
     13:30 - 16:30

Informal: The Circular Bakery & Pulp Fiction Experiments 3h (€85)
This format is part of our more informal workshop programs, where small groups of people are able to work with us in the bakery, see and learn how we develop circular recipes, get personal guidance and learn together with us in a more experimental way.  During these programs there is more room for personal contact and informal learning. Lunch and a warm drink are included in the price of this experience, which promotes creative thinking with the aim of reducing food waste and develop healthier products.

Current Lab Theme
Pulp fiction challenge: Reusing healthy fruit and vegetable fibres in the bakery
We already reuse all of our old bread. Now is the time for a new challenge. Learn along with us how to transform fruit and vegetable pulp (apple, carrot, ginger) into more healthy recipes, instead of wasting it. Over recent decades, there has been a transformation in our understanding of the health benefits of these dietary fibres. Read more.

For whom?
This program is suitable for people that prefer an informal and personal experience, rather than a formal workshop. The format allows you to get a sneak preview into the recipes and methods applied in our circular bakery.

Part 1 Lunch at our cafe
Start with a lunch at our cafe for the first 30 min upon arrival. All of our lunches include some circular products, which we will tap into during the rest of the workshop.

Part 2 Food Preparation
Get a sneak peak into our kitchen, our recipes and experience the circular bakery. During this part you will co-produce with us some of our ongoing – circular – recipes that help prevent food waste. We will also tap into the science and characteristics of the circular products we are currently working with.

Part 3 Circular Challenge / Recipe Development / LAB
We try to develop new circular products as we aim to reduce food waste, create surprising flavours and inspire people. This requires creativity, experimentation, blending of scientific knowledge and application of artisanal techniques. During this ongoing  – circular – challenge at Baking Lab you will pick up some more of the vibe and the hands-on experimentation we are busy with.

Learn about

  • the fundamentals of circularity by making a Baking Lab recipe 
  • get challenged to improve or create a circular recipe using scientific knowledge, artisanship and hands-on experimentation  
  • discover Baking Lab’s Research and Development process that can be applied to your own kitchen
  • includes lunch & a warm drink upon arrival at the bakery (pita with hummus or labneh, or tosti)

Tickets incl. VAT
€85 per person

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