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Advanced: The Art and Science of Sourdough Fermentation 2023

Excuses, de kaartverkoop voor dit event is gesloten, omdat het event reeds verlopen is.
  •  februari 23, 2023
     15:00 - 17:30
  •  maart 2, 2023
     15:00 - 17:30
  •  maart 9, 2023
     17:30 - 20:00

The workshop:
Learn more about the underlying science and how to use your senses to improve the sourdough fermentation process. In this more advanced bread workshop we tap deeper into the science of fermentation and the way our senses perceive fermentation flavours. Understanding key concepts related to fermentation allows bakers to tweak recipes and methods and build a more meaningful and creative baking narrative.

For whom?
This workshop is suitable for people who have experience baking sourdough bread and are interested in learning more about the underlying acidification principles. We always discuss a sourdough experiment in the workshop and try to explain the results with the accompanying theory. We give a number of practical tips to better control the sourdough process at home.

The workshop is NOT suitable for people who want to see step by step how to make sourdough bread. Check other workshops options.

Personal Questions & Answers
It’s good to know upfront what you are looking for to take home from the workshop and if you have a specific question. We would like to receive these in advance by e-mail: workshop@bakinglab.nl


  • Explain key concepts related to working with sourdough.
  • Sour flavour, its origin, strengths, and effects on baking
  • Science & Senses: During the workshops we will do some short experiments and try to explain their results
  • Translate fundamental knowledge into practical techniques.
  • Reuse of old bread during the bread baking proces

Food Snacks
Vegetarian and vegan food snacks from our café are included in the workshop.


Important note
Our courses provide more insight into key concepts related to the baking process and encourage students to use their senses to learn how to develop their own recipes, instead of repeating those from others. Click here for more background information about our workshops. The password to access some of the information on our website is included in the ticket confirmation e-mail.


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