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How to inspire a multinational with stale bread?

Every year the pharmaceutical company Teva organises an inspirational week for their employees, full of events, to draw attention to a chosen subject. Baking Lab got invited to speak for this year’s subject: sustainability. After attending a team building at Baking Lab, the team that was organising the event at Teva got enthusiastic about the way we reduce food “waste” in our bakery. Waste between brackets, because we often try to look at waste as a resource for new products.

The goal of our talk at Teva was to inspire the employees to look differently at food waste and how to find ways to transform it into a valuable ingredient. With the help of an interactive tool (QANDR) it became clear that almost every person that attended our event throws away stale bread. We informed them on how circular practices can be applied, in a bakery and at home. To help them think about possible ways to use stale bread instead of tossing it, we organised a practical session. We brought a number of leftover breads from our bakery for the participants to tear up into little pieces. During this meditative activity they were invited to think in small groups about new recipes and products that could be made using old bread. Original ideas got shared and hopefully these will find their way into some of the Teva employees kitchens ;).