//Exhibition Tropenmuseum

Exhibition Tropenmuseum

Rituals from the world: Amsterdam is full of them. Just like the Tropenuseum in Amsterdam. They are customs that give meaning and color to our lives. They belong to events related to party, farewell, birth and love. Read more more about the habitat project.

Elise and Yassine, future planet students at the University of Amsterdam and co-workers at Baking Lab share their story about bread.

Photo, Nadine Stijns. Audio, Nina van Hattum.

Where: 1e van Swindenstraat 469, Amsterdam
When: May 29 to Nov. 30, 2019 on Wed, Fri, Sat from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Free access

Read more about: Feasting rituals – and the cooperation they require – are a crucial step toward human civilization